iPhone, Android(desire) ブラウザのhtml5対応状況

手元にあるスマートフォンhtml5対応状況を、http://html5test.com/ で確認したのでメモ。

(※) ユーザエージェントは、「javascript:alert(navigator.userAgent)」で表示されたもの

iPhone4 iPhone3G Android2.1
Parsing rules <!DOCTYPE html> triggers standards mode YES YES YES
HTML5 tokenizer NO NO NO
HTML5 tree building NO NO NO
SVG in text/html NO NO NO
MathML in text/html NO NO NO
Canvas canvas element YES YES YES
2D context YES YES YES
Video video element YES YES YES
Subtitle support NO NO NO
Poster image support YES YES YES
MPEG-4 support YES YES NO
H.264 support YES YES NO
Ogg Theora support NO NO NO
WebM support NO NO NO
Audio audio element YES YES YES
PCM audio support YES YES NO
MP3 support YES YES NO
AAC support YES YES NO
Ogg Vorbis support NO NO NO
WebM support NO NO NO
Local devices device element NO NO NO
Elements Embedding custom non-visible data NO NO NO
Section elements 6 out of 7 NO NO
Grouping content elements NO NO NO
Text-level semantic elements NO NO NO
hidden attribute NO NO NO
Scroll into view YES YES YES
contenteditable attribute YES YES YES
Forms input element types YES 5 out of 13 6 out of 13
input element attributes 8 out of 10 1 out of 10 5 out of 10
Other form elements NO NO 1 out of 5
Form validation YES NO NO
User interaction Drag and drop YES NO YES
Undo history NO NO NO
Session history YES NO NO
Text selection YES YES YES
Microdata Microdata NO NO NO
Web applications Application Cache YES YES YES
Custom scheme handlers YES NO NO
Custom content handlers YES NO NO
Geolocation Geolocation YES YES YES
WebGL 3D context NO NO NO
Communication Cross-document messaging YES YES YES
WebSocket NO NO NO
Server-Sent Events YES NO NO
Files FileReaderAPI NO NO NO
Storage Session storage YES YES YES
Local storage YES YES YES
IndexedDB NO NO NO
Web SQL Database YES YES YES
Workers Web Workers NO NO YES